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Quality Life Trading brings together sources of  information, knowledge and opportunities to empower people to enhance their physical, emotional, spiritual and financial wellbeing.

Business Opportunities and Personal Development to Increase Income

Quality Life Trading's mission is to help people to raise their quality of life by providing business opportunities, tools and resources that are necessary for applying universal principles to help  manifest wealth and increase income. We promote enterprise, collaboration, education and personal development. 

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Our Mission... The Way Forward

Quality Life Trading recognises the potential of Network Marketing as a vehicle for anyone to start a new business with minimal risk and outlay. Our mission is to teach it to a wider audience and bring it to the mainstream.
"The Way Forward" is a text book for the industry, to explain it and debunk the myths and overcome many of the prejudices the industry faces. An eye-opener for newbies and "know-alls" alike!. If you have a team you will want them to read this. If you haven't then your prospects will want to...!

Business Opportunities and Partners

Tools and Resources Promoting Personal Development

The Science of Getting Rich :
Free download of Wallace Wattles 1910 classic.
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Affirmations and Meditations :
Hundreds of free, quality, tailored affirmations and guided meditations
Goal Setting :
Tools and techniques for effectively setting your goals
Mind Movies :
Free ready-made mind movies and tips for making a visual as well as audio experience
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Business and Self Help Tools :
Products, tools and resources to help overcome obstacles and build your business