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Subliminal MP3s

Do you want to change your negative self beliefs, eliminate any self limiting thoughts, and free yourself from long held patterns of thinking which are holding you back in life? With our powerful subliminal messages you can do exactly this - in just 20 minutes a day!


Memory Professor

What if you could double your memory power in 14 days?
You can have a superb memory!  Your Brain is smarter than you think!

How about a 500% improvement in just 30 days using SUPER-LEARNING methods?

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Rich Dad Summit

Discover 7 Ways to Create a
Sustainable, Passive Income for Life
So You Can Work Less, Earn More & Finally Escape The Rat Race...
The 2 Day Summit is Over, Access The Replays For Just $1!



The revolutionary software that will reprogram your MIND and BODY automatically. Placing thousands of positive affirmations directly In your brain, FAST AND EASY. Imagine accomplishing your goals right now at the touch of a button on your PC



A comprehensive solution to keep all your goals together and motivate you to make progress everyday. GoalsOnTrack can help you set SMART goals, break down long term goals into milestones or sub goals, and organize them with your own categories.

Flexible and accurate progress tracking supports both personal and business goals.

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Money Magnetism

A six-step system that automatically reprograms your brain so that you can get the wealth, success and total financial freedom you’ve always wanted.

Combining cutting-edge neuroscience, brain-reprogramming audios and the wealth building methods of multimillionaires, this is your KEY to financial abundance.

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Abundant Mind

Our best selling subliminal visuaisation videos will help you:

  • Take control of your destiny

  • Attract and manifest what you want

  • Positively change your life

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Dream Life Mastery

Build a Rock-Solid Foundation For Your Dream Life.
Learn how to create a life built on true happiness, success, and perpetual wealth. You'll also discover the keys to amazing health, fulfilling relationships and being the best version of yourself.


Awakened Millionaire

Dr. Joe Vitale's  Promise To You Is Simple:
Bring me your passion and conviction, and I'll transform you into the Awakened Millionaire with the elevated mindset that will let you make more money than you ever have... driven by your passion and spiritual awakening

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