Free Affirmations and Meditations

Affirmations and Meditations

Positive affirmations are considered to be the very backbone of self-development. We continually talk to ourselves and in so doing we are literally giving our subconscious instructions for how we create our lives.

This “programming” has a fundamental effect on what we experience in reality. However our bodies cannot tell the difference between a vividly imagined event and an actual event - physiologically it will respond in exactly the same way.

The repeating of affirmations reprograms our minds so that we mentally rehearse, visualise and become accustomed to the outcome we desire rather than which we may currently experience. The problem with affirmations is that our conscious mind says “Hang on a minute that is not what I am seeing..”. It can then reject the message – you simply don’t believe it!

Thus it is important to combine affirmations with meditation. Relax yourself, stop negative self-talk and get your mind into that lucid dream state where you can visualise in your mind’s eye the things that you want to manifest.. and allow your body and soul to react and feel how you would feel when they do become real.

So the best time to do this is last thing at night, or first thing in the morning – and even while you sleep!

There are an untold number of videos on youtube but Jess Shepherd’s “Rising Higher” Channel stands out. Her voice is ideal for guiding you through meditations and the production and sound quality is excellent. The sheer number of videos cover every sort of requirement and will cater for whatever your mood and “vibration” currently are.

Rising Higher Affirmations and Meditations