Gym Wisdom : Do Not Judge

You bounce into the gym fresh full of energy and enthusiasm for your fitness workout. Your first station is the cross trainer. You jump on, set the resistance at a reasonable 10 (out of 16 which would be almost impossible) and you start pumping your legs firing at about 160-170 strides a minute. A fair whack! You look over to the machine next to you and the guy on there is sweating buckets and trundling along at sedate pace. You glance at the display on his machine and he's only been going 10 minutes and he's just managing 120-125 strides a minute. You congratulate yourself on your efforts and think to yourself that maybe the guy next to you is not really cut out to be in the gym. He cannot

Using Attraction Principles In Your Business. Are You Skeptical?

“The Law of Attraction and Attraction Principles? I ask you. What a load of mumbo-jumbo!” So says the hard-edged business professional who has always found success through the fruits of talent and hard graft. And yet what guru, coach or mentor does not talk about the Law of Attraction nowadays The cynic may argue that all those successful people who wrote books or ran courses on the subject managed to created wealth by seducing the dreamers into paying them by saying what they wanted to hear, or they just got lucky, or it was all really just the result of a more positive psyche. The cynics would wonder if the only people actually manifesting money are the ones selling law of attraction tips

The Network Marketing Sharing vs Selling Debate

People are becoming more open towards Network Marketing as it gets more professional. There is a fear of scams and general uneasiness with "get rich quick" and pyramid schemes but here are also more people with real-life success stories which helps to allay those doubts. Often though people just don't like being sold to and most people do not like selling - and people think you have to sell to be a successful. So How Did You First Meet Your Opportunity? Somewhere along the line someone did a fairly good job of “selling” to you if you have already joined up with a program, or at least they persuaded you enough to read this book! Did you trust that person? Were they sincere? Did you feel you w

Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour Workweek : An Honest Review

Automate your income, delegate and liberate... Can you say goodbye to your 9-5? When I read the title of the book “The 4-Hour Work Week” I thought that it was a ‘manifesting wealth’ book, where you visualize your goals and the Universe delivers it all to you, and you only have to do a 4-hour work week for it to happen… Well it isn’t. It is about how to cut out "unnecessary" work in order to automate an income stream. It is worth reading because it does have some very useful tips, information and ideas. But it comes with a huge health warning.... as you will see below. You may also want to read...: What you need to live the life of luxury are flexibility and mobility which you don't get on

3 Principles of Network Marketing Prospecting.

So what is different about Network Marketing prospecting from ordinary sales prospecting? Aren't you selling a product to people? Well yes, though there is even debate about that in the industry. Some people still use the word "sharing". Isn't it all about recruiting people to sell for you so that you can make money from them? That would make it a recruiting business rather than sales! But no, recruiting them would mean they work for you, and they don't. They work for themselves and can build their own business and even earn more than you! Some people are clueless about Network Marketing and have no desire to find out. That is fine. It isn't about persuasion either. If someone's mind is clos

Attitude of Gratitude

Does Deliberate Attraction Ever Not Work? Simply put, the Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to will come back to you. So, if you stay focused on the good and positive things in your life, you will automatically attract more good and positive things into your life. So when you attempt deliberate attraction why don’t you always create the reality you ask for? The LOA does not work according to your conscious thoughts but according to your sub-conscious vibrational thoughts. It is Law and will always apply. Just like gravity. "Deliberate Attraction" is when you harness the LOA to consciously create your


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