10 Attributes of Ideal Network Marketing Prospects

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Do you give any thought to attracting prospects that are pre-qualified and ready to join your business or have you been taught that "anyone is a prospect"?

You may have seen the many websites and landing pages advertising "fully automated magnetic sponsoring" systems that do it all for you, listbuilding, website replication, the full power prospecting system...

“No Selling!” and “No Cold Calling!” “Make Money 24/7 With Our Automated System!”

The problem is that they are attracting prospects who want rewards and success but are not actually willing to make much effort or pay the price for success. They are looking for short cuts and are likely to give up at the first hurdle - you get a duplicating system that just perpetuates. The process clogs up with tire-kickers who want a free lunch.