10 Attributes of Ideal Network Marketing Prospects

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Do you give any thought to attracting prospects that are pre-qualified and ready to join your business or have you been taught that "anyone is a prospect"?

You may have seen the many websites and landing pages advertising "fully automated magnetic sponsoring" systems that do it all for you, listbuilding, website replication, the full power prospecting system...

“No Selling!” and “No Cold Calling!” “Make Money 24/7 With Our Automated System!”

The problem is that they are attracting prospects who want rewards and success but are not actually willing to make much effort or pay the price for success. They are looking for short cuts and are likely to give up at the first hurdle - you get a duplicating system that just perpetuates. The process clogs up with tire-kickers who want a free lunch.

Don't get me wrong. I wholeheartedly support the idea of working smarter rather than harder, and an efficient system is part of the solution. But one that does not actually engage on a human level and build a relationship of trust is not going to get you far.

If you have a website that farms leads, or a process or system to connect with people, such as a strategy for prospecting on Linkedin you will still need to get up from the keyboard at some point and talk with those people - find out about them, where they are in their lives and their own businesses so that you can determine how you can work together. You need to add value for them in some way shape or form. Give them tools that can help them.

A better name for network marketing is "Relationship Marketing" because if you are ti be successful it is founded on trust.

Focus On Attracting Prospects Who Will Act

So let's apply some science in the form of quantum physics rather than designing the process. Get your mind focussed on what you do want and let the Universe take care of the "How". (Note that action will be required by you to follow a process and make the connections).

But before you can attract your perfect prospects you first have to visualize them.

Attract Ideal Network Marketing Prospects

You may want to review the list below which gives some ideas about the qualities you might be looking for. You can add to it, or make your own list of qualities and characteristics of people you DO want to prospect and join with you in your business. Review it regularly as part of a daily focus routine and contemplate what your business would be like if all your people had these traits. As you continue doing that over a period of time begin to notice who you are attracting to you and who you are spending more time prospecting with...

My Perfect Enrolee

  • Is eager to enrol and get started now.

  • Loves, or is passionate about the product or service.

  • Is ambitious to succeed.

  • Has a desire and willingness to learn.

  • Is open minded about being taught and will try new things.

  • Has initiative - is a self starter.

  • Will take action, NOW, without procrastination.

  • Is visionary yet practical - is in it for the long haul.

  • Is generous and wants to share knowledge and solutions.

  • Will communicate honestly.

When I first made out my list it was little longer than the list above. The reason was that I was marketing the traditional offline way. I would have liked someone to come along and sign up with me who already had a massive downline, was very experienced and would just bring those people over and sign under me - easy money but it would have deprived me on some fundamental growth and learning experiences!

When I reviewed my list I realised that these additional points are not absolutely necessary. So long as they are an action take then you can teach what needs to be done.

Essentials Or Nice To Have's?

  • Understands and is experienced in Network Marketing.

  • Has plenty of resource to put to growing their business.

  • Has a strong network they can introduce.

  • People who know them will follow their lead.

  • Is good at presenting.

These things can be taken care of without a huge investment by using good online resources.

The people who have these things are rare and have more than the slight edge over those who are new to Network Marketing today.

But here on www.qualitylifetrading.com you have everything you need to become an accomplished Network Marketing trainer yourself, building your own network and having your own passport to wealth. There is no big secret to it. In the end someone could have all the qualities listed here in spades and not go anywhere in a business. Regardless of all the positive attributes no-one will do anything if they do not have a reason, a motivation, a "WHY"! that inspires them to take action.

The best prospect you can have is a hungry prospect... and if you are hungry then don;t hesitate to get in touch!