5 Hidden Energy Drainers to Avoid When Doing Home-Based Work

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Doing home-based work can be more of a challenge than you imagined.

The Covid 19 pandemic has re-written the rules when it comes to companies accommodating home-based work. It used to be a rather exclusive domain of the self-employed and the start-up entrepreneurs keeping their costs down. Only occasionally was the privilege extended to the work-a-day office worker who might be given a special dispensation to work away from the usual distractions of office life to get a job done and meet a deadline.

During lockdowns business had to adapt - or die! In fact governments ordered you not to travel to the office so the world of office work was revolutionised, made possible by the modern communications technology. And now everybody has been able to gain an insight into the challenges those micro-businesses faced.

The struggle with working at home is that without the environmental factors in the workplace and camaraderie that can keep you motivated you will have to rely on yourself.

So be careful to identify the things that you do that drain your energy, things that demotivate you and have you literally "feeling bad"! By this I don't just mean distractions that divert your attention from the task in hand but the things that can insidiously chip away at you without you realising it because they are so ordinary and commonplace.