Voxxlife eSmartr Sleev : ADHD Treatment Without Medication

Finding non-medication treatment for ADHD

Well my wife and I were satisfied with our Voxxlife HPT "magic" socks and the insoles. My arthritic pain had practically gone and my performance on our rudimentary cross-trainer and treadmill had noticeably improved. What is most remarkable is the recovery for the exercise which is so much quicker.

So we were feeling positive and recovering from our various afflictions when the global pandemic happened and the world turned upside-down. Life as we knew it just stopped as a lockdown was ordered across the UK to protect us and the NHS from covid-19!

After the Easter holidays school started again. But it was not as we knew it. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology our 8 yearold daughter's teacher was beamed into our home courtesy of Google Meet. And so followed weeks of us supporting the school's efforts in home-schooling the children....

Getting the ADHD Diagnosis...

We already knew that our daughter was struggling at school which is why we had already moved her school once already. Her reading and writing where not where the should be and her ability to concentrate and focus were gnat-like. Experiencing with her what she was going through at school was a real eye-opener to us and made clear the extent of her challenges

So we got a referral to an educational psychologist to do an assessment and our concerns were confirm: she had ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to give it its full name, plus some other cognitive difficulties. The Ed Psych began setting out an ADHD support plan for the school but prepared us for future challenges saying that down the line medication might be necessary. In the meantime "hug every tree" and try out any natural treatments for ADHD we may want to give a go...

Well "tree huggers" is a pretty apt description for us. We like natural and organic and the rest of my family are vegetarians to boot, so we were certainly going to investigate what there was in the way of ADHD treatment without medication.

The Ed Psych explained to us that ADHD is a condition that comes about because of the way our daughter's brain is wired, The neural pathways work differently, as in there are certain brain functions that are suppressed. Well of course it did not take much to join the dots . We already used products that stimulated neurotransmitters. Let's see what Voxxlife has for ADHD!

I called my friend Graham who directed me to the neurotech eSmartr sleeve. He explained that it helped with anxiety and ADHD plus there is also a patch to help with sleeping, and said to look in the Voxxlife Facebook Testimonials Group....

We took one look at the video on the first testimonial in the selection below and said that could be our daughter - the decision to get one was easy!


And yes, our experience was jut the same - it was almost instantly calming and she was able to focus. It was like a mist had cleared...

So How Does The Neurotech eSmartr Sleev Work?

The proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology™ (CBT) pattern embedded inside every Sleev activates receptors in the skin that trigger a neural response in the brain - resulting in scientifically proven amplified cognitive abilities. Discover enhanced concentration and memory, heightened decision making, increased stamina, accelerated reaction times, and an improved sense of clarity and calm.

For more information about Voxxlife Products see our Voxxlife : Human Performance Technology page.


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