Get Your Anxious Mind Out of the Way

Get Anxious Mind out of the Way

Have you noticed that when you feel anxious your mind pokes at the anxiety all day long.

We 'check in' every 5 minutes to see how we are feeling and if the anxiety is increasing, it upsets us more, resulting in yet more anxiety.

Getting your mind out of the way is key to healing all anxiety. Once your mind is no longer fuelling the fire of anxiety, your nervous system has a chance to unwind and relax.

But how do you get your mind out of the way so healing can happen?

You cultivate 'Outright Acceptance'.

100% acceptance of how you are feeling.

Outright acceptance of the anxiety, outright acceptance of the uncomfortable sensations or thoughts, outright acceptance that all will be well.

Whatever you are feeling at that moment, you allow it to be present.

"So that's how its going to be today? Fine, then come on anxiety lets go, let's get on with the day together"

Then you gently move your awareness away from 'checking in' on how you feel, back onto life!

You stop paying the anxiety attention, no matter how uncomfortable it feels and start paying attention to what is going on around you.

If you are at work, focus 100% on that. If you are talking to someone, pay them full attention. Whatever you are doing, put all your attention there.

Every time your mind flicks back to the anxiety, you don't get frustrated but accept the way it feels (without trying to change it) and move your attention gently back onto what you were

just doing.

Don't feel like you have to force this, it should be a subtle movement. You may have to do it a hundred times in the day but with practice you will master it.

That subtle movement joins you with life again. Each time you do it, you inch closer to feeling more relaxed and at peace with the anxiety.

BTW, this is not a form of distraction, you are not trying to avoid your feelings. You are accepting the way you feel internally 100%, while moving your attention outwardly onto

what is going on around you.

Up until now you may have been trying to 'manage' the anxiety with your mind.

What you learn through Panic Away, is that the fastest way to feel better is not to micro-mange your thoughts and feelings but rather to just get out of the way and allow natural healing to occur. You heal fast through the peaceful flow that comes from outright acceptance with outward focus.

What a relief to know that we don't have to think ourselves better, -we just have to stop getting in the way.

Outright acceptance is like a strong current that takes you home to your care free self.

Take a moment right now to cultivate outright acceptance.

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