Gym Wisdom : Do Not Judge

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

You bounce into the gym fresh full of energy and enthusiasm for your fitness workout. Your first station is the cross trainer. You jump on, set the resistance at a reasonable 10 (out of 16 which would be almost impossible) and you start pumping your legs firing at about 160-170 strides a minute. A fair whack!

You look over to the machine next to you and the guy on there is sweating buckets and trundling along at sedate pace. You glance at the display on his machine and he's only been going 10 minutes and he's just managing 120-125 strides a minute. You congratulate yourself on your efforts and think to yourself that maybe the guy next to you is not really cut out to be in the gym. He cannot cope with making the effort needed to really get fit. You turn on your music and get into your routine.

Do Not Judge Critically