How a Pair of Magic Socks Changed My Life - Part 2

Updated: Jan 28

So it was decided : my wife's final Christmas present was going to be a pair of these Voxxlife "Magic Socks"... how romantic!

Christmas day came and the present was unwrapped. The response was unsurprisingly somewhat muted. But when I explained and she looked at the label her eyebrows were raised in curiousity. She loved to keep fit and is a PE teacher. The restrictions resulting from her recent operation were frustrating, and the pain was distinctively uncomfortable. She had tried holistic and alternative therapies before and one her favourite pampers was when her mum practised some reflexology on her.

"Ok I'll try them!" was her surprisingly enthusiastic announcement.

And so the next day the trial began. After half and hour or so she declared that they did "something" and at the end of the day which included a walk in the woods with the dog she concluded "They do work! I am going to wear these when I go back to work and on my feet all day. And since then she has...

So they passed the "wife test". What about me?

Well a few years ago I has an unfortunate incident moving a heavy garden statue during a house move. Long story short I ended up in hospital with badly herniated disc that was eventually operated on 6 months later. I recovered from that but a couple of years later started feeling pains down my leg. I thought it was sciatica coming from disruption of the nerves from the back problem. I went to the doctor who sent me off for X rays and in the meantime prescribed me the same co-codomol and naproxen that I was on while waiting for my back operation.

It turned out it was referred pain from an arthritic hip. Physiotherapy helped a little but it was still very sore and when it got really bad the doctor said I should use the painkillers again. Not something I wanted.

Voxxlife for Pain Management

So I got a pair of the Voxxlife socks myself to see what they would do for my pain management. Would they do what they said on the label ... and would they do for me what they had done from my friend Graham?

In a nutshell - Yes. Immediately I put the socks on I felt myself stand up straighter and I felt my feet tingle a little. They was no rush of relief of pain like when you take a prescription pain killer. It was more subtle. The pain was dimmed after half an hours or so but the effect was progressive. I continued to wear the "tech" and got on with life. It was after 3 or 4 days that I realised that I just didn't hurt anymore. The pain was gone!

And this with no side effects. Nothing affecting my ability to think and if anything I felt sharper and more alert, and nothing affecting my stomach!

A little while later I progressed to getting some insoles. I was used to wearing insoles courtesy of having broken my tibia and fibula 20 odd years ago. It made sense because they worked out cheaper in the long run. They don't wear out and don't need to be kept on washing.

I slip them into my trainers when I go to the gym and whereas tiredness used to be the limiting factor for my steady paced run on the treadmill, now I stop when I run out of time such is the positive boost to my energy and endurance.

So yes these hi-tech HPT socks and the insoles from Voxxlife have changed my life. And there is more to come finding that the Voxxlife eSmart Sleeve helps with ADHD having realised while homeschooling in the lockdown that our youngest daughter had that challenge......

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