How a Pair of Magic Socks Changed My Life - Part 2

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

So it was decided : my wife's final Christmas present was going to be a pair of these Voxxlife "Magic Socks"... how romantic!

Christmas day came and the present was unwrapped. The response was unsurprisingly somewhat muted. But when I explained and she looked at the label her eyebrows were raised in curiousity. She loved to keep fit and is a PE teacher. The restrictions resulting from her recent operation were frustrating, and the pain was distinctively uncomfortable. She had tried holistic and alternative therapies before and one her favourite pampers was when her mum practised some reflexology on her.

"Ok I'll try them!" was her surprisingly enthusiastic announcement.

And so the next day the trial began. After half and hour or so she declared that they did "something" and at the end of the day which included a walk in the woods with the dog she concluded "They do work! I am going to wear these when I go back to work and on my feet all day. And since then she has...