Practice Manifesting Money and Then Spending It All In The "Money Game"

If you are manifesting money using Law of Attraction techniques then it is important to be comfortable around money. Unfortunately we are often taught the negative connotations about money – that rich people are greedy and being rich is associated with “filthy”.

Because of that we might subconsciously reject opportunities to increase our wealth, or even actually be afraid of having money.

These are things we have to overcome in reality, but a great way of getting used to manifesting money and attracting wealth is to pretend!

Playing the “Money Game” can help develop a positive vibration about money. It is a bit like the "Wallet Game" that I introduced a little while ago, but the sums of money involved are much, much bigger. As well as helping you learn to enjoy money it also helps you become attuned to the Law of Abundance – the recognition that there is abundance rather than scarcity and that you having something does not deprive someone else. There is plenty to go around.