Manifesting Techniques - The Wallet Game

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

"Due to Covid..." is something we hear over again at the moment but the truth is it's effects are far reaching and many people are experiencing anxiety, stress and sometimes a very real diminution in quality of life and financial loss.

It is very easy to slip into scarcity (Scare-City) mentality and wonder how on earth you will get through it. The job market in most sectors is dormant if not dead and some people are experiencing an extended period of unemployment perhaps for the first time.

So that is the doom and gloom acknowledged and out of the way. How do we not get sucked into pessimism and how do we avoid our vibrational energy from spiralling down so that we attract yet more of it?

One thing that happens when we go through this sort of cycle is that we simply get used to not having money - not having it in our bank account or in our wallet. It becomes the norm - the default!

Manifesting Techniques - The Wallet Game
The Wallet Game

The “Wallet Game” is a manifesting technique that helps you get used to dealing with money, handling it, being comfortable with it and releasing any resistance you might have built up towards having it. It can re-attune you to the Law of Abundance and attracting money rather than rejecting it or pushing it away which you might inadvertently have started to do.

It is a very simple exercise. Get a couple or more of the highest denomination notes you can, $100 or £50 or equivalent, and put them in your wallet or purse. Keep it there!

If you don’t have a lot of money you may have to empty your account or raid savings to do this, but if you are not used to having money then this is a really good exercise to do. Whenever you touch your purse or wallet remember it is there. Feel good about having it, and feel empowered by it.

Now, throughout the day look at all the things that money could buy that you would like to have. What could you buy with $200 – a decent new camera, clothes, really expensive meal…

When you see something remind yourself that you have enough money to buy it if you so chose.

Not Just Pretending

Like all manifesting techniques the effect of this over an extended period is to increase your positive vibration. – get you into a more abundant mindset. That does not mean going on a reckless spending spree in reality, but you can spend the money in your wallet mentally over and over and over without any repercussions.

You might mentally spend it 20 or 30 times, which would give you the same feeling as though you were spending five or six thousand dollars. Your feeling of well-being around finances will certainly increase. And as it does you will find attracting money becomes much easier.

The great thing is that you are not even having to pretend -

Manifesting Abundance

Because you have the money in your pocket you could actually buy these things. You have the means, there is no doubt.

Watch out for how it affects all areas of your financial life far more effectively than attending wealth seminars. Your money will seem to go further and unexpected amounts show up and some thing you want will manifest even without money.