Network Marketing: Dream or Delusion

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

So, are Network Marketing /MLM Home Based Business Opportunities a Dream Or a Delusion?

The very mention of a network marketing, or MLM home based business opportunity, can elicit some quite extreme responses from people – fanatical support or loathing. It has been a business that is known for both good and bad with only occasional indifference. But with economic uncertainty abounding it is a good time to do an assessment : are such opportunities genuine or, if not a scam, at least waste of time?

Why The Extremes?

There has been a high failure rate for people trying out this business, and yet many people will try over and over again to get going with yet another company or opportunity.Clearly there is something good that attracts people to it and keeps them coming back for more. What is it that they can see in the business model that others cannot?

Are they so fixated with the desire to earn quick cash or the high incomes that are possible that they put it above all else – or is there more to it?

Network Marketing: Dream or Delusion

Yet for other people an MLM home based business is something sinister to be avoided. They've seen failures. They've heard bad things about pyramid schemes. They've see people who they care about having their hopes raised and then dashed. They conclude that it is a scam. Or they have been irritated to the point of distraction by a (former) friend or an annoying relative who has persistently tried to foist their opportunity upon them. You can hear them say, “Which part of ‘No!’ Don’t you get?”

When the product or service really is that good then maybe it's just how we ask, rather than what we say...

So Which Is It, Dream Or Delusion?

….And what about you? Can you see the potential and have you witnessed or even tasted some success? Do you believe that there is more to it than just the money?

Have you tried to explain how MLM works but found yourself tongue-tied, or worse, simply got into an argument about it?

There are such genuinely good opportunitities out there with companies providing great products and services - and people are joining them all the time - surely they are not all too good to be true?

It is clear that Network Marketing is not going away. People are perhaps a little wiser about it; more realistic in their expectations and a little more restrained in their approach. It may not yet be mainstream but it has generally reached a point of acceptance - a genuine opportunity for people who want a vehicle to develop another income stream.

Consider it in the right perspective. How pleased are you when you get a $3,000 a year pay rise from your employer? How much additional income is actually needed to be life-changing? How many people already work second jobs, or would if they could? Or even, since the pandemic, have lost their livelihoods entirely and need to find a way to pay the bills....

Look again! Maybe a little extra every month can make the difference and some of those dreams may begin to take shape.....