Network Marketing: Dream or Delusion

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

So, are Network Marketing /MLM Home Based Business Opportunities a Dream Or a Delusion?

The very mention of a network marketing, or MLM home based business opportunity, can elicit some quite extreme responses from people – fanatical support or loathing. It has been a business that is known for both good and bad with only occasional indifference. But with economic uncertainty abounding it is a good time to do an assessment : are such opportunities genuine or, if not a scam, at least waste of time?

Why The Extremes?

There has been a high failure rate for people trying out this business, and yet many people will try over and over again to get going with yet another company or opportunity.Clearly there is something good that attracts people to it and keeps them coming back for more. What is it that they can see in the business model that others cannot?

Are they so fixated with the desire to earn quick cash or the high incomes that are possible that they put it above all else – or is there more to it?

Network Marketing: Dream or Delusion