Owning Feelings and Emotions In A Relationship.

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

It can be quite frustrating when your partner does not want to communicate with you, especially in a relationship or marriage crisis. You may be feeling quite powerless and hopeless as well. All the more is it doubly frustrating when there is communication but a total lack of cooperation from your partner or when your declarations of love or requests for discussion are met with rejection and disdain.

Wanting to save your marriage is one thing; your partner's willingness to meet you halfway is another. And, sometimes, you feel as if you are all alone in wanting to save your relationship.

It can be quite overwhelming, surely, feeling as if every effort you make will not be enough.

At this point, any help is a welcome relief. It will certainly be helpful to have a listening ear or caring friend who you can trust to give you sound advice.

In many situations, there is one piece of advice that we believe can make a difference: YOU have the power.