3 Steps of the Universal Laws Of Attraction Explained

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Whether you choose to believe it or be sceptical of it we are all subject to the universal laws of attraction. It is like gravity, electricity or magnetism. It cares not what you think of it. It just does its stuff.

The simplistic explanation is that in terms of energy, like attracts like. The science of it, which is quantum physics is that everything in the world, and the universe, is made up of energy.

Remember Einstein’s E = MC ^2

Energy = Mass x Speed of Light Squared

All energy vibrates at different levels. The level of vibration determines the form the energy takes. You and I have attracted everything that we have in our lives because on some level, we were in vibrational harmony with it, whether we consciously asked for it or not.

How can this help us?

Well once we know about the universal laws of attraction you can apply them consciously and constructively. By being aware of how you are “vibrating” you can change your thoughts and vibrations to put you in harmony what you want. You can manifest prosperity through deliberate attraction.

It is rather like a radio being tuned in to a particular frequency to get the sound you want

You turn on your radio and tune in your receiver to match a signal that is being broadcast. You do not expect to hear music that is being broadcast on the radio frequency 101FM when your tuner is set at 98.6FM. To receive you must be tuned in.

How Can You Intentionally Use The Universal Law of Attraction?

“The Secret” movie is simplistic but is a very good introduction to the LOA and it is a good idea to watch it to get an overall understanding. Applying it effectively takes a little more effort than is made clear in the movie. Depending on which of the LOA books you read there is a 3 or 4 step process to have it work for you.

Step 1 - Asking, is your work. The clearer you are the more effective the universal laws of attraction will work. Be careful. You may not even realise consciously what you are asking for.

Step 2 – It is given. The creative process is put into effect and what you ask for is manifest.

Step 3 – You receive. This is your work again. You need to put yourself in a position to receive, and this is the hardest bit. You don’t always easily see the answer or the manifestation because you are not in tune – literally – with the vibration of what you have been asking for.

It is when you are not in tune and so things do not manifest that the skeptics say that it doesn’t work!

The fourth step that can be added is having gratitude, though it is not so much a specific step in the process as an attitude to have throughout the process – even at the asking stage before you have received anything.

Lets have a look at each of the three main steps in the process in a little more detail.

Step 1 – Ask

You would have thought that this bit was simple wouldn’t you!

We are actually asking continually throughout every day with our every thought. The Universe does not care whether you are dwelling positively on something or negatively, it is only concerned with the vibration of your thoughts. Whichever it is, through the universal laws of attraction is coming your way.

The stronger the emotion attached to it the more powerful the attraction. So to ask effectively for what we DO want you must think and feel positively about the things you want. If you place negative emotion around the lack of not having it, you will be creating more of the lack of the thing that you really do want.

An example of how this works may be that you may see someone you are very strongly attracted to. You think about them all the time and yearn to be with them.

BUT if you fear rejection from them or have any feeling of inadequacy around them then you will find a way to sabotage your chances of getting together.

Another example is where you want to move for debt to wealth. You want to attract money but if you are worrying about the lack of it and how you will pay your debt then that is where your focus is. You are inadvertently asking for more of the same.

Often we are simply not clear on what we do want. Because of that our thoughts are unfocused or even random. The creative process cannot work because the “creator” doesn;t know what you want any more than you do!

That is why sitting down and doing a goal-setting exercise can be so valuable in clarifying what you are asking for so that you can do so with conviction and determination. Imagine how you would feel, what it would look like, or how it would taste. See yourself already having and experiencing what you want right now. This takes some practice. You must choose each day, each moment, to replace negative thoughts and emotion with positive, good feelings.

Step 2 – It is Given

This is not done by you but by what Wallace Wattles described as “The Formless Substance”, or others might describe as the Universe or God, or if you like just the circumstances around you!

However you choose to believe it happens or is controlled, energy vibrating in the Universe begins to form the outcome that you, through the power of your thoughts, amplified by your feelings, are asking for.

Do not be concerned with how things come about or you may start to manipulate the outcome. If you interfere with the process it may slow it down. The universal laws of attraction are best applied by concentrating on the outcome, not the process.

You are not as good at creating as God is!!

Thoughts, which cannot be seen, transmute, or change their physical state, into reality in the same way that water vapour condenses into cloud and then water, and then solidifies into ice.

It is one of the universal laws of attraction that all things are created spiritually first – as a blueprint in thought before they become manifest.

Step 3 – Receive, or Allow

This is your work again. You need to be “tuned in” to the right frequency. Do you know with certainty that the object of your desire is on its way?

You need to be in a state of "knowing" that whatever you want is on its way to you and feel comfortable, even excited at receiving it. Expect it, know that you deserve it and be grateful even before it arrives.

Do not be concerned with HOW it arrives nor try to manipulate the arrival. It may not come to you how you might expect. Interfering with the process could sabotage it.

Just let go of control. Use your will and your mind to attune yourself to the manifestation and then receive it.

So much for those who claim that using the LOA it is effortless!!

The good news is that like anything it becomes easier with practice. Just as learning to walk meant falling over a lot as a child, as a grown-up it is not something you even give thought to.

In the same way, applying the universal laws of attraction to deliberately create what you want can soon become second nature.

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