Using Attraction Principles In Your Business. Are You Skeptical?

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

“The Law of Attraction and Attraction Principles? I ask you. What a load of mumbo-jumbo!”

So says the hard-edged business professional who has always found success through the fruits of talent and hard graft. And yet what guru, coach or mentor does not talk about the Law of Attraction nowadays

The cynic may argue that all those successful people who wrote books or ran courses on the subject managed to created wealth by seducing the dreamers into paying them by saying what they wanted to hear, or they just got lucky, or it was all really just the result of a more positive psyche. The cynics would wonder if the only people actually manifesting money are the ones selling law of attraction tips or life-coaches providing their clients with law of attraction coaching!

….But why should I care what a cynic might say...?