The Way Forward...

Quality Life Trading unapologetically embraces Network Marketing. This is a referral based business model where companies grow their customer base through satisfied customers authentically sharing and recommending the product or service they are using.

"The Way Forward...." the ultimate self-contained network marketing training. motivational and prospecting tool.

Written with aspirational people in mind it is an insightful book that clearly explains how Network Marketing works and is for people who are serious about changing the circumstances in their lives, who are willing to adopt new ideas and who will invest in themselves. 

Knowing what is in the book is of immense value to any networker, regardless of what tools you are already using and what program you are in. It can be used in conjunction with and to compliment them rather than compete with them - though you may find you need nothing more than is in this book....

Anyone reading the book has found it inspirational, which you see why when you read it! It gives a unique perspective that is best shared by personal recommendation.


An Eye-Opener For Newbies and Knowledgeable Alike!

This compelling e-book opens up the awesome possibilities to the reader but remains pragmatic and grounded, helping to understand the industry and how to approach building an Network Marketing business.

It explains the What....

                                                the Why.....

                                                                 and the How....


                             of the business and dispels the myths and misconceptions.


It lays out the exact steps you need to take and shows realistically how a network develops helping you to build a firm foundation and grow your business, which when duplicated brings further success.

In the second part it reviews the progress the industry has made over the last 50 years , charts the path for its future and investigates what its impact may be by fulfilling its potential..

All this is put together and presented to give you "The Way Forward!"

Use it in conjunction with other tools and resources on this site and with the training provided by the business partners to develop your business. Once understood you can simply apply the principles in whichever business you work. Network Marketing is about duplication. This book is the simplest possible system to duplicate - absolutely free.

A viable solution to reach MLM success...


The Global Pandemic of 2020 has left people vulnerable and exposed financially with livelihoods threatened everywhere. It has shown that we cannot rely on a  sole source of income that can quickly disappear. So people are reconsidering their options. Network Marketing provides an antidote to this situation by presenting a viable business with minimal set up costs that can be done without affecting another job or vocation. 

The tools and resources available with Quality Life Trading help address the challenges of charting a new course.... starting with "The Way Forward for Network Marketing". It will give you a new perspective and a road-map to follow, wherever you are starting from enabling you to develop a residual income that provides security and prosperity for anyone.

Use it as a prospecting tool, a teaching tool and a motivational tool for yourself and your team. It is the simplest self-contained system. Just use it to show people the way forward

Embrace change...

There are many free resources and practices to use and adopt and many featured books and courses by renown names in Personal Development. If you use them they will help you develop an abundance mindset that will in turn lead to manifesting the changes you want.

Take the first step on your way forward by downloading "The Way Forward... " pdf  free.


Embrace the mission to enhance the Quality of Life !

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